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HandyPro Home Maintenance Plan

Sometimes home upkeep  feels like navigating through the intricate mechanics of rocket science. Each home, a complex constellation of systems and components, demands precise coordination and expert care. In the vast expanse of tasks from electrical wiring to plumbing, and the seasonal intricacies of heating and cooling, it's easy to feel adrift in the gravity of maintenance responsibilities.

Enter the HandyPro Home Maintenance Plan.

With the HandyPro Home Maintenance Plan, set aside your concerns and relax in the comfort of a well-cared-for home. Consider us your reliable support team, always on hand to ensure that your home remains a sanctuary of comfort and safety. Place your confidence in HandyPro, as we elevate your home maintenance to new levels of excellence.

A Support Team With Over 80 Years Combined Experience

($99 Per Quarter)
Enhance your home’s longevity and comfort with HandyPro’s comprehensive Inspect & Enhance service, designed to simplify home maintenance with expert care and precision.

Free Home Audit with PDF print out:
Start with a detailed assessment to create a competitively priced, customized solution for your home.
Seasonal Maintenance Planning:
We strategize and implement seasonal maintenance tasks to keep your home in peak condition year-round.
Personalized yearly maintenance plan: Develop a yearly plan with high-quality materials and trusted products for your home's upkeep.
Free Promotional gift: Receive a special gift as a thank you for trusting HandyPro with your home maintenance needs.
HandyPro Newsletter: Receive monthly tips for home maintenance and care.

($99 Per Month)
Let us help you with your home maintenance journey with HandyPro Essentials. This foundational plan is the core of practical home care, offering not just services, but a reliable, thorough experience that addresses every essential aspect of your home's upkeep.
Annual Home Health Check:
Benefit from annual inspections by seasoned professionals to ensure home wellness.
Quarterly 2-Hour Visits:
Dedicated sessions every six months to tackle your home's essential maintenance.
Priority Scheduling:
Get first-choice booking for your maintenance visits.
Free Annual Smoke Detector Battery Replacement:
Keep your home's safety systems up-to-date without the hassle.
Exclusive Member Benefits:
Enjoy a 15% discount on labor for any additional projects, allowing you to enhance and elevate your home maintenance beyond the regular plan at a more accessible price point.

($297 Per Month)
Embark on the ultimate home care journey with HandyPro EliteGuard. This premier plan is the epitome of home maintenance, delivering not just services, but an experience that speaks of luxury, precision, and uncompromised attention to every facet of your home's wellbeing.
Comprehensive Home Audit and Annual Health Check:
Full-scale home audit that meticulously assesses your living space, followed by an annual health check to ensure long-term maintenance and care.
Monthly 3-Hour Tailored Visits:
Consistent, detailed visits designed to manage every aspect of your home maintenance
Customized Maintenance Roadmap:
A personalized annual maintenance schedule crafted using only the finest materials and products, sourced from trusted suppliers to ensure the highest quality of home care.
Free Promotional gift: Our experienced, highly skilled
Craftsmen are responsive and detail-oriented.
Exclusive Member Benefits:
Enjoy a 15% discount on labor for any additional projects, allowing you to enhance and elevate your home maintenance beyond the regular plan at a more accessible price point.
HandyPro Home Maintenance Program

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Your Single-Source Solution for Home Maintenance
Explore the ease and efficiency of home care with the HandyPro Subscription Plan. For over 27 years, HandyPro has been providing reliable handyman services, offering peace of mind and comprehensive solutions to homeowners. Our subscription plan is tailored to handle every aspect of your home maintenance with expertise and precision.
Comprehensive Home Assessments:
Our experts conduct thorough evaluations of your home, identifying key areas for maintenance and improvement, ensuring a proactive approach to home care.
Customized Maintenance Schedules:
We develop tailored maintenance schedules that align with your home’s unique needs, ensuring that all aspects of your property receive timely and effective care.
Expert Craftsmanship and Specialized Skills:
Our team consists of seasoned professionals with specialized skills in various aspects of home maintenance, from electrical work to plumbing, ensuring top-notch service in every task.
Advanced Technology and Techniques:
We employ the latest in home maintenance technology and techniques, providing innovative solutions that enhance efficiency and effectiveness.
Personalized Customer Service and Communication: Experience a new standard of customer service with our dedicated team, keeping you informed and involved throughout the maintenance process.
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From grab bars to total home remodeling, we transform your client's living environment into a safe, comfortable and accessible space that is designed for your client's safety and comfort.

Serving Clients Nationwide

Our services extend across the nation, ensuring we meet the unique needs of your clients no matter where they live.

Contact us to discuss a personalized, home accessibility and modification solution for your clients. The home of their dreams is only a phone call away.
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