HANDYPRO is a commercial facility maintenance company providing you with an exceptional service team.  We ensure your projects are completed affordably, on time and hassle free.

Our current clients include:

Starbucks, T-Mobile and McDonalds.


HANDYPRO can help you too!

  • •  Hassle Free
  • •  Ease Your Maintenance & Building Improvement Issues
  • •  Extend The Life of Your Property Assets
  • •  Reduce Your Maintenance Expenses
  • •  Quality and On Time Guaranteed
  • •  Ramps and Stair Lifts
  • •  Grab Bars and Railings
  • •  Universal Access Fixtures


With over 17 years experience, HANDYPRO Facility Services is an affordable, full service repair and improvement company for building owners and managers.  If you're frustrated with your search to find quality contractors for the smallest repair or the largest improvement for your building, HANDYPRO can provide a solution. 

          Handyman and Maintenance Services






          ...and many more, just ask

Offering cost effective services to maintain or enhance your assets.

If you have building maintenance needs and would like more information or a free quote, Send Email Now.  Or call us at 800-942-6394.