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HandyPro Handyman Service, Inc. BBB Business Review
Purpose Statement at HandyPro of Weston

This is our why.

At HandyPro of Broward County, our purpose is to make a meaningful difference in the lives of homeowners by transforming their houses into personalized havens of comfort, safety, and joy.‍
With unwavering dedication, exceptional craftsmanship, and innovative solutions, we strive to create spaces that inspire and empower individuals to fully embrace and enjoy their homes.‍
Together, we are building a community where dreams come to life, one home at a time.
How Can HandyPro of Broward County help you?
"Excellent craftsmanship and wonderful clean-up. Bravo!”
- Jane
“I love how simple the online interface is to get all the basic things done.”
Kelly Brimbore, Newcastle

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Customer Love

Built on Referrals, Inspired by Trust since 1996.
"We would recommend HandyPro to anyone who needs the many types of work you provide."
Dave & Linda S.
“Service was prompt and at my convenience."
Betty B.
The results are great and the attention to detail that your crew showed during the process, including clean up was surprising."
Jeanne F.

Our Team

HandyPro of Broward County


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Our Team

HandyPro of Broward County

Dario Postrasija

Interested in joining the team
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Join a Company
That Invests in You

Become a Certified HandyPro Craftsman or Craftswoman

Want to join a company where you’re in control of your time and type of jobs you service? HandyPro is currently seeking experienced, and qualified individuals to join our team of friendly, talented handymen and handywomen. If you share our commitment to making the lives of our clients easier and less stressful, fill out a few questions to see if you qualify today!

“I joined because of the perks, I stay because of the culture”
Michael W.
HandyPro Certified Craftsman
Franchise Rankings Winner January 2023
“I joined because of the perks, I stay because of the culture”
Michael W.
HandyPro Certified Craftsman
We handle all necessary permits and compliance requirements.
Planning and Project Management:
From initial assessment to completion, we design competitively priced customized solutions.
One Hour Guarantee
No more waiting around all day for a technician to come to your home, we guarantee that we will show up or call you within your one hour scheduled appointment time or you'll get $30.00 off your repairs.
"I have been using HandyPro for years...They always send professional, trustworthy and knowledgeable handymen...”
Ron C.
Home Modification & Handyman Services in Weston

We're here for you
when life happens

If you're tired of always having a chore, repair, or project to tackle around the house, you're not alone. Everyday tasks like these are an unavoidable part of homeownership, yet they don't have to be a continuous burden. The team at HandyPro of Broward County is here to help. We are dedicated to making your life a little bit easier - one to-do list item at a time. From everyday repairs to long put-off improvement projects, our Certified Craftsmen have the tools and skill sets to assist home and business owners with a wide variety of tasks. For homeowners who are seeking a solution for mobility limitations, we also offer home modifications that can be customized to fit your unique needs.

Scheduling service is easy and convenient. Book Now, call us at (954) 519-5050, or use or TruztPro App


Working with HandyPro

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Founded on

Integrity & Quality

Established Trust

Established Trust in our customized solutions with over 50,000 customers in our 25 years in business.

Locally Owned

Locally Owned and operated, we pride ourselves on being your friendly neighborhood handymen.

Certified Craftsmen

Our Certified Craftsmen and Craftswomen have experience in a variety of trades and the tools to help make life easier for you and your family

Convenient Scheduling

Convenient Scheduling online, our app, over the phone, or via chat—scheduling your service with us is easy.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

HandyPro's two Delightment Pledges are that your job is labor guaranteed and we show up on time or you receive $30 off you bill!

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See What Places to Visit in Broward County

See just a few places we have to offer!

Everglades Adventure: Airboat Explorations in Broward County

Everglades Adventure: Airboat Explorations in Broward County

Taking an airboat tour on the Everglades in Broward County is an exhilarating way to explore the vast and unique wetlands, offering close encounters with diverse wildlife like alligators and exotic birds. These tours provide an immersive experience into the natural beauty and ecological diversity of the Everglades, often guided by knowledgeable locals.

Flora and Fauna Wonders: A Journey through Flamingo Gardens in Broward County

Flora and Fauna Wonders: A Journey through Flamingo Gardens in Broward County

Visiting Flamingo Gardens in Broward County is a delightful experience, where one can explore a lush 60-acre botanical garden and wildlife sanctuary, home to a variety of native plants, birds, and animals including flamingos. This tranquil oasis offers a unique blend of natural beauty and educational exhibits, making it a perfect destination for nature lovers and families.

Hollywood Beach Escape: Sun, Sand, and the Boardwalk in Broward County

Hollywood Beach Escape: Sun, Sand, and the Boardwalk in Broward County

Visiting Hollywood Beach in Broward County offers a picturesque and lively experience with its famous Boardwalk, a 2.5-mile-long pedestrian promenade lined with cafes, shops, and entertainment. The beach itself is known for its pristine, wide stretch of sand, crystal-clear waters, and a relaxed atmosphere, making it a favorite among both locals and tourists.

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