The Benefits of Modular Wheelchair Ramps

Are you in need of a wheelchair ramp for an extended period of time? We often receive call from clients in need of a temporary ramp. These clients usually only need a ramp in a semi-permanent capacity, whether it be a few months or a few years. In this situation, a great solution would be to purchase a modular ramp.

What is a modular ramp?

A modular ramp is made of aluminum and requires little to no maintenance. Since it is not permanently attached to the building, it does not require a building permit and can easily be disassembled, moved and reinstalled in a new location with minimal tools. This is a great ramp for someone who is looking for something more permanent than a portable ramp but requires less maintenance than wood ramps.

Here are some benefits of modular wheelchair ramps:

  • It has a slip resistant surface that keeps traction in any weather.
  • Due to the aluminum material it is made of, it will not rust or rot.
  • Aluminum ramps can be easily adjusted if the ground underneath settles. Unlike wood ramps, they do not need to be anchored in concrete footings or pads so adjusting them is a lot easier.
  • They come in standard modules that fit together to work for most homes.
  • Unique handrail connectors create smooth, continuous handrails for the user.
  • If your needs change, the ramp can be modified to meet those needs.
  • If you no longer need your ramp, it can easily be resold or rented.

Remember, even though this type of ramp is easier to install, it’s still important to hire a licensed professional to do the installation. Call today for your free in home evaluation!