Simple Tech Solutions for Seniors That Will Make Your Life Easier

Some people assume that seniors aren’t interested in technology - or that they can’t understand it. On the other end of the spectrum, some companies are developing high tech gadgets that are meant to help seniors. These gadgets may actually be useful, but it’s just as likely that they are too complex for seniors to use comfortably. In reality, the right balance is probably somewhere in the middle: seniors will benefit most from using everyday devices that truly improve their lives without being overly complicated.

Start With the Right Setup

If you’re a senior who wants to get connected, or you’re helping a senior loved one, make sure you get the right setup for whatever devices you use because this step will go a long way towards eliminating technical difficulties. A perfect example is your internet connection. Many seniors who already have internet don’t realize how important it is to upgrade. If you or your loved one hasn’t upgraded recently, it’s worth looking into whether your city has 5G Ultra Wideband, which is the best option for getting the fastest speed.

Another consideration is to make sure you don’t skimp on getting a device set up properly. And if you have a device that needs to be installed in your home, your best bet is to hire a trustworthy handyman through HandyPro so that the job is done correctly. For example, getting a DIY smart home security system is an easy and affordable way to help seniors feel safer living at home, but sensors will have to be placed in hard to reach places, which would be risky for seniors to do themselves.

The Best Tech Devices

Home Security System

Making your home more secure with technology can be as simple as installing a smart doorbell, or as complex as getting a whole home security system. The important thing is to choose a security device that’s easy to use while providing solutions to your top concerns. We love smart doorbells for seniors because they allow you to see who’s at your door without having to get up and go to the door. These devices are easy to use and give seniors peace of mind (while reducing risk of falls). And once your smart doorbell is set up, all you need is an app on your smartphone or tablet to get notifications.

Smartphone or Tablet

As long as you or your loved one is open to learning some basic how-tos, having a smartphone or tablet is the best overall tech device for staying connected. To keep things simple, Consumer Reports suggests sticking with mainstream devices that are widely used, like an iPhone or Android model. While you could opt for a phone that’s designed specifically for seniors, you’ll likely get more use out of a device that has more functionality built in.

Just be sure to check your device’s accessibility settings because that’s where you’ll find options like closed captioning and type size. Once you’ve set up your device to meet your needs, the benefits of having it (and the many ways it can help simplify life) will far outweigh the learning curve of getting used to it!

Smart Speaker

Like your smartphone or tablet, a smart speaker is another device that serves multiple functions, plus it works in conjunction with other devices to add even more convenience to life. For example, CNET explains how Google Home allows seniors to access the internet with just your voice. So if you want to check the news or the weather, all you have to do is ask your smart speaker. And if you want to be able to turn off the lights without getting up, simply connect it to a smart switch.

If the thought of installing a smart light switch sounds scary, remember, you don’t have to do it by yourself! The great thing about these tech devices is that, once they’re set up, the hard part is done. Leave the installation to a pro, and all you have to do is enjoy the safety and convenience of having these gadgets at your fingertips.