Decoding Air Conditioner Pricing: What Homeowners Should Know

Decoding Air Conditioner Pricing: What Homeowners Should Know

It is getting to be that time of year again when the weather heats up and everyone is looking for the best way to cool down. For many this means dragging out and firing up the air conditioning unit and cooling the house down as best as possible. However, you may quickly come to realize that it is time for a new AC unit, at which point it becomes essential to assess which type of AC unit you will upgrade to

For some, this might be as simple as calling a handyman to help with installation. Others might consider factors such as long-term home modifications that make it easier to age in place. This article will serve as a guide to help navigate the factors influencing pricing and help determine which type of air conditioning system will make the most sense in your home. 

Choosing the Right Unit for You

If it has been a while since you’ve been in the market for a new air conditioning unit, you may quickly realize that the market has exploded. There are options available for every home, every situation, and every price range. Finding the right unit for you can be completely overwhelming without a bit of an understanding of all the different options out there. 

Some of the most common types of air conditioning units that you may come across include:

  • Central air conditioners - Central air conditioners are popular options for cooling large homes. However, they require large upfront installation costs and require a handyman to get it up and running. 
  • Window AC units - These units are compact and easy to install if you have the right type of windows. They are very affordable and are great for cooling one or two rooms. 
  • Portable AC units - Portable units are great if there are few windows in the home and they can be used to cool only the room you need. The units can be challenging if you’re space-limited and are often heavy. 
  • Ductless air conditioners - These are a great option because a handyman can install them in any room of the home and they don’t require a major home renovation to install ducting. 
  • Evaporative coolers (swamp coolers) - Swamp coolers are not as common as they used to be, but they are an affordable, low-maintenance option. These devices are fantastic for dry climates because they add a bit of moisture to the air. 
  • Heat pumps - Heat pumps are systems that provide both heating and cooling in one unit which can be a very energy efficient strategy. Installation costs are high, but replace costs of both heating and cooling the home. 

Another factor, aside from the type, that influences the right AC unit for you is the cost. Air conditioning unit costs can vary based on a few different factors including things like unit size, efficiency rating, and whether or not additional infrastructure is needed. For instance, a central air unit requires ducting, which would have to be installed throughout the house by a handyman. 

Handyman Services and Installation 

The need to hire a handyman near you may depend upon your home and the type of air conditioning system you believe is right for you. If you’re going to be making home modifications or working to make your home more suitable for aging in place it will be worthwhile to look into options like HandyPro to complete most of the work. This is especially true if you choose a system that requires the installation of ducting, needs carpentry services, or needs professional aging-in-place modifications. 

Finding the right handyman is, of course, one of the most important aspects of getting everything installed and working correctly. If you’ve been searching “handyman near me” and are still looking, HandyPro is your best option. Call to get quotes and an estimate on how much time installation will take and which senior modifications are best.  

Sustainable AC Options

Another factor that you might consider as you are looking at different AC options is how your cooling system could fit into a suite of sustainable home upgrades. Investing in home energy efficiency and sustainability upgrades can increase your home’s value while saving you money on energy costs. It can be a great investment and can help you do your small part in making the world a cleaner place. 

AC units are commonly listed amongst the appliances that are easiest to upgrade and will make a big difference in your home’s sustainability rating. Alternatives such as ductless air conditioners, swamp coolers, and heat pumps are especially great options when it comes to sustainable cooling systems. Depending on your current situation and what you’re upgrading to, you could save up to 10% on your heating and cooling bill annually. If you’re considering a central AC system or re-doing your HVAC, you may see large more sustainability benefits but it will require a higher price point and experienced professionals to do the work. 


Upgrading your air conditioning system can be a relatively simple thing such as purchasing a window AC unit and installing it yourself. Alternatively, you could have a handyman help you install a cooling appliance. If you are hoping for more sweeping changes, a large investment such as upgrading to a central air system and completing full home AC accessibility renovations may be the route for you. Factors that play an important role in your decision include AC size, cost, sustainability rating, home modification needs, and service - such as HandyPro - availability. 

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