The Best Home Improvement Projects for Spring

Spring is right around the corner, which for many homeowners means getting their home in peak condition both inside and out. With the weather warming up, there are often plenty of outdoor home improvement projects that you can now tackle, addressing any maintenance that may be needed after the winter months.

Deck – The warm days of summer are right around the corner and that means you will want your deck to be ready to use. Power cleaning and staining the wood can go a long way to getting your deck looking great before summer arrives.

Windows – The winter months can do a number on the caulking and weather-stripping that you have on your windows. Replacing this during the springtime ensures that you aren’t losing valuable energy spent cooling your home during the summer.

Home Exterior – Just like you give the inside of your home a good scrubbing, the outside could use one too. Mold and dirt can accumulate on the exterior of your home over time. Power washing goes a long way to restoring your home’s natural color and removing any dirt and build-up.

Vinyl Siding – Inspect your home’s vinyl siding for damage. Any warped or loose pieces of siding should be repaired, leaving your home looking in peak condition.

Gutters – The spring rains are on their way, and your home’s gutters need to be in top working order. The fall and winter months may have damaged or clogged the gutters. Taking the time to address these issues now will prevent any problems down the road.

Roof – Now is a great time to inspect your home’s roof for any damaged or missing shingles. Addressing any problems can head off more extensive damage from water seeping as a result of a damaged roof.

Exterior Paint – The front door, steps and trim of your home can all show the wear and tear of the winter months. Adding a fresh coat of paint will go a long way to restoring your home to its beautiful state.

Spring can be a busy time for homeowners but you don’t have to go it alone with all of your maintenance projects. The professionals at HandyPro can help get your spring to-do list done, getting your home in tip-top shape in time for the warm weather.