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HandyPro’s home modification services include installing wheelchair ramps to make your property more accessible and easier to navigate. Ramps allow those using wheelchairs to reach a higher or lower elevation that would normally require steps, such as a porch or deck. They are also used by individuals who have trouble traversing typical steps. Ramps can be built from many different materials including wood, steel, aluminum, and composite. The ADA standard for a ramp is 12 inches in length per every inch of elevation. You may hear this referred to as the 12:1 ratio.

You have endless options when choosing wheelchair ramps for your home. The HandyPro team can help you decide which ramp is the best option for you.

HandyPro offers a wide variety of custom ramps, ramp rentals, and ramp installation services to help you live in your home more comfortably. Our Environmental Fit™ ensures the perfect solution for your property.

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Washington DC Mobility Ramps
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Finding Your Individual Environmental Fit™

Length of Ramp

The first thing to consider when choosing a ramp is the amount of space available to construct the ramp. The length of the ramp is usually calculated using a 1 inch to 1-foot ratio. For example, if the entry point is 10 inches above the ground, the minimum recommended ramp length is 10 feet¹. If the entry point is higher than a few feet, using turns or switchbacks (images shown on screen) will conserve space while keeping the incline at a safe and manageable level.


The two primary choices for ramp material are wood and aluminum. Wooden ramps are the best choice for matching existing decks or porches. These ramps, however, require an advanced building skill set or professional help to install and require maintenance to prevent the wood from rotting. Although less visually appealing, aluminum ramps are generally easier to install, require much lower maintenance, and can be easily modified and adjusted. Steel and concrete ramps are also

Additional ADA Standards²

The Americans with Disabilities Act recommends:

  • A 5 by 5-foot landing at the top and bottom of the ramp.
  • A maximum run of 30 feet before a turn or platform.
  • A minimum width of 36 inches.
  • Handrails that are at least 34 inches high.
  3. 1.

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