Wheelchair Ramp guide to help you to choose the right wheelchair ramp for your home

Looking to find the ideal wheelchair ramp for your specific needs can be daunting, you can spend more time looking for the right ramp than getting it ordered and installed.

This video will help you decide which ramp is the best option for you. The first thing to consider when choosing a ramp is the amount of space available to construct the ramp. 

The length of the ramp is usually calculated using a one inch to 1 ft ratio. For example, if the entry point is 10 inches above the ground, the minimum recommended ramp length is 10 ft. 

If the entry point is higher than a few feet using turns or switchbacks will conserve space while keeping the incline at a safe and manageable level. 

Wheelchair Ramps For Homes

There are primarily two preferred materials used for constructing wheelchair ramps which are timber construction and aluminium, there is a third choice which would be concrete, wheelchair ramps for businesses and retail stores tend to be made of concrete and are a permanent fixture.

Concrete wheelchair ramps are rarely installed in homes, simply because it is pretty much a permanent construction, whereas with timber or aluminium ramps they can be both assembled and dismantled quickly and easily.

residential wood wheelchair ramp

Natural Wood Wheelchair Ramps

Many people love the natural appeal of natural wood, which offers a more attractive and less industrial look to your home accessibility project.

This choice will require maintenance to keep the weather out of the timber and allow the ramp to last for many years to come. Without maintenance natural wood is susceptible to decay, splintering and warping so it is important to have these ramps maintained every year.

aluminum wheelchair ramp

Aluminium Wheelchair Ramps

Aluminium ramps are our preferred ramp installation, many people believe that these can be expensive, with the recent increases in the cost of timber, aluminium stair ramps are often the more affordable option.

These are not totally maintenance free, but require far less maintenance than timber stair ramps. When considering the cost of installing a wheelchair ramp then taking into consideration installation and maintenance, it is more cost effective to choose aluminium chair ramps and threshold ramps.

Accessibility Solutions Fit to Your Needs 

HandyPro specializes in custom wheelchair ramps designed for effortless home access, we provide ADA-compliant solutions to ensure safe, stylish, and convenient mobility in your home. 

Portable Wheelchair Ramps

home modifications for the elderly and disabled

We specialize in home modifications for the elderly and disabled, however if you would like us to arrange portable aluminium wheelchair ramps for you then we have a solution for that too, we can also provide modular aluminium chair ramps that can be used in your home or on the move.

The current ADA guidelines are that for every 1” rise, you should have 12” of ramp, however some situations might require a more gradual incline, or a steeper one. 

Threshold ramps are a nice solution to the typical rises you might find in your home, and provide an appropriate incline for wheelchair or scooters.

Modular ramps can be modified and adjusted if the user is planning on moving or trying to sell the home. Steel and concrete ramps are also available. The Americans with Disabilities Act recommends a five by 5 ft landing at the top and bottom of the ramp. 

A maximum run of 30 ft before a turn or platform. A minimum width of 36 inches and handrails that are at least 34 inches high. 

Wheelchair ramps are a way to maintain accessibility at home, we help people to remain at home through home modifications for age and people with disabilities.

Our video “what you need to know before choosing a wheelchair ramp” is also available on YouTube.

We hope that you found our guide on how to find the right wheelchair ramp for your needs helpful, if you require more information then please feel free to contact HandyPro and we will guide you through our expert design, & installation services for durable ADA-compliant home wheelchair ramps.

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